Awesome creations

Have you ever had a moment of silent reflection? I always do. A lot of times. Those quiet motionless moments when time seems to stop, and all that matters is the awesome nature of God’s creations? Those are my best moments.

Waking up in the morning, alive. Going out to see a butterfly, a mosquito, an elephant go about their businesses. To lie down on green grass, look up the sky, close your eyes and enjoy the warmth of the sun. To watch stars at night and feel the cool evening breeze.

It makes me stand in Awe , breathe in and meditate upon the Power and Glory of the Creator. And of course, the delicate nature and aesthetic value of His creations.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I never felt the weight of this saying until it landed heavily on my head with a thud.

It was that time when my closest friend went out of the country. I felt so lonely. I craved for a companion, so much that I wished I could find my way there. But i had chains around me. Chains that kept me from moving. Chains of time and distance.

I couldn’t fill the gap. No one was fit for those shoes. No one has ever been, and no one will ever be. I learnt one thing for sure, Nothing can ever substitute a true Companion . And that patience pays. I can now stand tall and walk with along the streets holding the hands of my one true friend.

I long for the day when nothing will come our way. Not rules, not time, not distance, nothing. Just us.

Empty but not aware

I was hopeless and heartless. Nothing mattered anymore. All I knew was destruction. All I sought was evil. All I admired was revenge.

I had nothing to be proud of.I lost my value and my respect. I had no name, no title. I felt so low. So used and dumped. I was empty, but equally ignorant.

Then I met Him who changed my life. He changed my ways of thinking. He changed my perspective. He changed my desires and gave me a new vision.

He gave me a reason to live. He gave me a title. He gave me a family. He gave me strength and hope for yet another beautiful day. I was Empty and void, but now am alive, full and jubilant. I thank God for His love. Even in sin, He still loved me.

Letter to the big city

Dear City,

I heard you stole my friend.She left and never came back

She never said goodbye either

I just heard you lured her with some niceties

Please big city, I beg you in the name of love

Please bring her back

I know life in the village may be boring

But I miss her, others miss her too

I know you aren’t  doing her any good

Am begging you once, city, but I won’t beg again

If you don’t let go of her, I’ll come get her myself

East or West, home is the best


Your friendly enemy,

Village girl.


You aren’t perfect until you are perfectly perfect

Perfection is achieved not when there Is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away_Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Perfection is not another word for satisfaction. Mediocre people get satisfied by even the obviously imperfect things in life.

This is what I call perfect:
To have a wonderful family that fears the Lord
To have a great job that helps you fear the Lord
To get the best education and use it to spread the gospel and glorify the Lord
To live a life that completely glorifies the Lord. A life that testifies of the power of the blood of The Lord Jesus Christ.
The beauty of God’s creation is just so perfect
His love for the world is perfect

“What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”

Are you aimless? 7 facts about you

-Talking aimlessly leads to gossip, but wise words edify.
-Walking aimlessly leads to the wrong places, but walking with a purpose helps in evangelism and meeting people who need your help.
-Eating aimlessly leads to obesity and other nutrition problems, but praying and fasting helps to overcome temptations and grow stronger spiritually.
-Playing aimlessly makes you childish and stupid, but adequate exercise makes you healthy and physically fit.
-Joking aimlessly can earn you a slap, but  sensible humor can make people smile and earn you favor.
-Reading aimlessly can only make you a bookworm, but reading the right books in the right manner can expand your  knowledge.
-Sleeping aimlessly can make you tired, lazy and confused, while sleeping moderately for adequate time makes you healthy and fresh

Where the is no vision, people perish. Aimless acts are for mindless people


Talent stars


Hello good people,

Talent stars is a Kenyan based initiative, that I came up with to help the Kenyan children and the youth realize there potential.

Most households in Kenya are still suffering from the ills of poverty, and someone’s intervention can help them realize their full potential especially in this era of massive unemployment in the country.

History has proved that our wealth Is talent-based. However, digging the treasure is very costly as resources and connections and very limited.

Here are some ways in which you can help Talent Stars produce international superheroes:

  1. Be a member
  2. Support financially or materially
  3. Be a volunteer facilitator
  4. Alert us of any competition dealing with any field of talent
  5. Link us with donors and potential collaborators

The list is endless. Here is an brief overview of the things we do:

  1. Art and Design
  2. Music
  3. Drama
  4. Creative writing
  5. Games (football, basketball, handball, netball, etc)
  6. Athletics
  7. Entrepreneurship through talents
  8. Poetry
  9. Behaviour Change Communication
  10. Training on other life skills

Your support will be highly appreciated



Give me a break!

Can’t I have peace?

Can’t I enjoy my night in one piece?

Please, give me a break!

I need freedom

I’ve grown weary of boredom

Please, give me a break!


Why come when am gone?

When my senses are all torn?

Did they call you sleep-talk?

All my secrets you mock

Airing for all to take

Please, sleep talk, give me a break!


With your brother sleep-walk

All you do is make me weak and talk

Come dawn I know not the mess

Of what you made me do or confess

Please I really need a break!

Break these chains and give me a break!