Smooth is never so smooth

All the time I’ve had to wait
All I think of far from smooth
Pain or feign too much a weight
Smooth is never this uncouth

Rocky edges all the way
But to wait I’ll never miss
Hope I nurture as I pray
Stumbling rising with all bliss.

Why so close and yet so far?
Call that smooth I’ll not agree
Cross the bridge without a scar
Smooth is smooth when you are free.

Surely tough a sail it is
Hope I wont have to miss
Rocky edges I’ve had to kiss
Stumbling falling but nothing I miss.

All the time I’ll have to wait
Bearing smoothly all the weight
My heart never to set a bait
For in pain the pleasure’s bait.

Smooth is never smooth I say
For it comes the toughest way
Pleasure without measure at bay
But all I do is wait and pray



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