Do you know anybody?

The chance came by, swung before me and slowly but surely, completely failed. It was that fine day, after doing my pretty poem. Working myself out the whole night, the whole day, skipping meals and looking miserable. I knew what i wanted to achieve, and i wasnt going to stop at anything.

I wrote my poem. My first poem ever. It was just so wonderful, and i had no doubts about that. I was so eager, with the zeal of a teenager, ready to explode and spread my wings. To make things perfect, i ensured everyone read it and made corrections. As I set off for school, I was sure of one thing, that I was the best.

Presentations were done at the theater and mine got the loudest and wildest applause. When the results came out, i wasnt anywhere close to the trophy winners. The first person was the principle’s daughter, the second one was the judge’s sister, and the fourth one was the son of the richest man in the village. I was devastated.

As I cried my way home, I knew one thing for sure: I was paying the price for not knowing anybody.

I was not Connected


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