Purpose driven blog

My heart aches every time i know something but i don’t know how  to express myself. Whenever I get angry or upset about something, or when i get too happy, I always write it down on paper. If it is personal, I write and shred.

I’ve really longed to make myself understood. I’ve created this blog to share my experiences, my thoughts, and my general take on the issues of our day to day lives. My greatest desire is to touch a life, change a soul and make a difference.


5 thoughts on “Purpose driven blog

  1. Dear,
    Everything in and about your blog impresses me beyond measure. Your creativity is enviable. Ay, your thumbs have developped a super-viable relationship with that screen, and the influx of mentall supplies from your brilliant brain perfects it all; yet unforgettable is the great environment of your composed gentleness and silent but audible feelings that shout so loud-loud enough to scare away the friends of your enemy-promisquity.
    This “Smooth is never smooth” one has consumed my heart. So true: Beauty hidden beneath the mire……The harder it is to crack the nut, the sweeter the insider is.

    Oh…….thank you lady!

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