Laundry mess- My skirt fell down


I had never known such an embarrassment before. I wished the whole world would open up and swallow me. I wished I could just sublime and live no more. I wished for everything, apart from standing where I was any longer.

We all have our low moments. We have some times when we feel proud and walk tall, but we also have some experiences that crush the ego. Unless,of course, you have a stone for a heart.

I was well dressed for the event of the day. I had a topic to present, and I did the best preparation I could. I was nicely clad in a white skirt and my blue shirt with the logo of Citizen Against Violence. My skirt however had a very big waist, but I decided against using a safety-pin since it would spoil the design. Since it wasn’t falling but balancing nicely on my tiny hips, I thought there was no need to worry. Being a member of the University’s Community Development club, addressing the youth in slums was one of my favorite activities. In fact, I had two topics to tackle: Talents and Rape.

Everything went on well, and we sat waiting for the audience. The youth of Manyatta Youth Resource Center had a tournament, so we waited for their return. Unfortunately, a friend called me (though it was fortunate enough to have happened before the audience arrived.) I stood up confidently with my laptop on my hand, and noticed nothing. I only heard my friends laughing. Some of the ladies were friendly enough to alert me that my skirt was almost reaching the floor…..Oops! I almost fainted. I wished I could bury my head in the sand and assume the prey is gone, like an ostrich would do in my shoes. I thought of running out of the hall but realized it would just add comedy to the drama. So I chose to be woman enough and face it.

It was the most Embarrassing moment I had ever faced in campus. I tried to pull it up but the laptop made me lose balance. The only option was to go back to my seat, and I had to move backwards lest rotating drops the whole skirt.

None of my male colleagues made a comment; I guess they reserved them for boy talks later on.  I swore to take all my skirts to the tailor the very next day.


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