Natural-another word for beautiful

What is Natural is beautiful.

If someone loves you because you are artificial, then you are indeed the exact opposite of beautiful. Or at least, that’s what you consider yourself to be.

I love being natural because of several reasons:

  • I am beautifully and wonderfully made
  • Natural Is beautiful
  • I hate being fake. Artificial is fake
  • I hate being a prisoner of make up. Some people look like warthogs without make up, simply because they sold their beauty to make-up companies
  • Those who love me, loved me even without make-up. And with my dark skin. But I also admire natural light skin, not the products of bleaching.
  • I value myself so much that I can’t allow men to abuse my nature. For instance, men no longer respect women because their hair is fake, the eyebrows are fake, the eye lashes are fake, the lips are fake, the hips are fake, the skin color is fake, the height is fake, breasts are fake… Blah blah blah… Name them. Everything about a twenty first century lady is fake, including their names. In fact, it is hard to even trust their intentions because many at times, they have hidden agendas. That too, makes them more fake.

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