Give me a break!

Can’t I have peace?

Can’t I enjoy my night in one piece?

Please, give me a break!

I need freedom

I’ve grown weary of boredom

Please, give me a break!


Why come when am gone?

When my senses are all torn?

Did they call you sleep-talk?

All my secrets you mock

Airing for all to take

Please, sleep talk, give me a break!


With your brother sleep-walk

All you do is make me weak and talk

Come dawn I know not the mess

Of what you made me do or confess

Please I really need a break!

Break these chains and give me a break!


One thought on “Give me a break!

  1. Huh! The fool in me almost laughed,
    But I in time just got wiser,
    Then (as you know) I coughed-
    My joy as the coin of the miser
    Dashing back to my heart’s pocket.

    I wonder how amazing
    You keep me guessing:
    In the day your eyes blaze
    The question’s pressing:
    How in the night they gaze!!

    How about your style?
    In light it gives me a smile…
    Does it at night change to bile?
    Or do you get vile?
    I got a quest,
    Till I answer the question,
    Or shall I make a request?
    That would be vain requisition….

    Tell me for free-HOW’S IT??

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