Talent stars


Hello good people,

Talent stars is a Kenyan based initiative, that I came up with to help the Kenyan children and the youth realize there potential.

Most households in Kenya are still suffering from the ills of poverty, and someone’s intervention can help them realize their full potential especially in this era of massive unemployment in the country.

History has proved that our wealth Is talent-based. However, digging the treasure is very costly as resources and connections and very limited.

Here are some ways in which you can help Talent Stars produce international superheroes:

  1. Be a member
  2. Support financially or materially
  3. Be a volunteer facilitator
  4. Alert us of any competition dealing with any field of talent
  5. Link us with donors and potential collaborators

The list is endless. Here is an brief overview of the things we do:

  1. Art and Design
  2. Music
  3. Drama
  4. Creative writing
  5. Games (football, basketball, handball, netball, etc)
  6. Athletics
  7. Entrepreneurship through talents
  8. Poetry
  9. Behaviour Change Communication
  10. Training on other life skills

Your support will be highly appreciated




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