Are you aimless? 7 facts about you

-Talking aimlessly leads to gossip, but wise words edify.
-Walking aimlessly leads to the wrong places, but walking with a purpose helps in evangelism and meeting people who need your help.
-Eating aimlessly leads to obesity and other nutrition problems, but praying and fasting helps to overcome temptations and grow stronger spiritually.
-Playing aimlessly makes you childish and stupid, but adequate exercise makes you healthy and physically fit.
-Joking aimlessly can earn you a slap, but  sensible humor can make people smile and earn you favor.
-Reading aimlessly can only make you a bookworm, but reading the right books in the right manner can expand your  knowledge.
-Sleeping aimlessly can make you tired, lazy and confused, while sleeping moderately for adequate time makes you healthy and fresh

Where the is no vision, people perish. Aimless acts are for mindless people



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