It’s not what you think; it’s about what actually is

You blink your eye with that wicked wink; you think am cheap and just another miss

I have a story to tell; I have a story that can change your fate

From grass to grace I came so well; from grace to grass he made my plate


So sweet he was to me at first; so smooth were things and goals looked real

I knew not of his lustfulthirst; I knew not that he saw me as a ready meal

Not only did things explode; not just there, but all over the political cover

I dropped my job and support I smoothly rode; I dropped the old man and all was over


The race to the seat was not smooth without bribe; the only woman with no man to lean on

My mother they said came from a rival tribe; my skills they saw not as my very own

Not many thought I did wisely decide; not even my mothers and fellow sisters could see

I thought they were wise enough to let go of pride; I tried but just a mere girl they saw in me


Listen to me Kenya my heritage; listen to me the home of champions and great leaders

I desire that you one day drop the baggage; I aspire to inspire younger to be leaders

We fed our people’s blood to the stone and the sword; we lost both male and female in a rage

Can’t we learn and be wise in one accord? Can’t we vote for leaders and not gender,tribe or age?


Listen to me Kenya; listen to what I have learnt

Listen not to my age; listen not to my tribe

I have learnt to speak out; I have learnt to defend justice

I have learnt to seek peace; I have learnt to seek unity


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