Campus culture

It hurts so much to lose all you’ve worked for in a twinkle of an eye. When your dream comes crushing down and the mansions you’ve spent years building in your mind come down before materializing.

Some of the loopholes that campus students leave in their lives include:

  • Choosing the wrong friends who lead you the wrong direction
  • Misusing the freedom of not being monitored to miss lectures and exams
  • Lying to your parents/sponsors and hence coning them of money
  • Engaging in relationship conflicts which may lead to crimes of passion
  • Leading a free-style life with no respect for self and for others
  • Being involved in criminal activities to get money
  • Living beyond your limits
  • Abusing drugs
  • Using harmful cosmetics and other health endangering products
  • Joining cults and other bodies that promote evil practices
  • Following the crowd and not sticking to your principles
  • Engaging in careless sexual escapades because of peer pressure, to earn STD s (Sexually Transmitted Degrees), and for money
  • Arbortions
  • Engaging in strikes and demonstrations irresponsibly


University students carrying an injured student during a strike

Campus culture in the current generation is full of moral decay and unimaginable filth. The creme de la creme of the society has become so useless and worthless that unless someone goes an extra mile to factor in God in his/her studies, education becomes meaningless.Students graduate with:

  • HIV/AIDS and other deadly STIs
  • Unplanned/Unwanted Pregnancies
  • gynecological problems and barrenness due to abortions
  • Skin problems due to cosmetics
  • Some go to campus walking and come back home in coffin





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