America’s newborn


America has made her decision.

She has sent the radical donald trump to the white house.

Russia celebrates, Mexico weeps, and Kenya wails.

But nothing can be done now.

Hillary Clinton is great, but she has lost.

Whether it’s because of her policies, or because of her leadership skills, or because she is a woman, only Americans can tell.

Maybe its because Trump simply moved the crowd more than she did, which you know isn’t true.


A lot may happen, economy may shake, bonds may break, but still, America has made her choice. She must prove her point now.

The truth is, America has to harder to stay on top. I only pray for peace. Maybe things might be much better. Lets not judge

Miracles do happen, not only in Kenya, but also in American politics.img-20161109-wa0009



2 thoughts on “America’s newborn

  1. The people made their choice, by all means disagree if you do not like the man but when those that oppose him go out and are violent on the streets, you have no right. When the President Elect is called a Racist, those chants are also being called to all those that supported him and that is unacceptable. President Elect Donald Trump will be Inaugurated in January the people not only in America, or my Country England but everywhere need to give him a chance let him prove himself. I think he will be a great President if given that chance, I liked him from the start and supported him throughout, at last we here in the UK will have a “Friend” again unlike Obama, who was the most ineffectual President I can ever remember and I go back to the 1950s, Obama was no Friend to the UK, glad to see the back of him. As for Clinton she lost because she is a liar, a crook and most of all she called those people who are the backbone of America “DEPLORABLES” that’s why she lost it, disgusting woman.


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