Georgia is one of the leading states in the USA in matters real estate. The city of Atlanta has had a consistently strong housing market for years now, and that doesn’t seem to change. If you are looking for an ideal place for real estate investment, then you must consider one of the following cities in Georgia.


Smyrna city is located to the North West of Atlanta, in Cobb County, Georgia. It falls within the inner ring of the Atlanta metropolis. For some time, Smyrna has been at the top of the real estate business. It is specifically known to be attractive to young buyers. Smyrna’s appeal to the young generation is mostly considered to emerge from the development of the SunTrust Park.

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, the median home sale price jumped from $292,000 to $320,375. By 2015, a home remained in the market for only up to 45 days, a sharp improvement from 50 days the previous year. This puts Smyrna at the very top of the real estate business.


Chamblee city sits in the Northern DeKalb County, which is to the North East of Atlanta. Chamblee is the second most lucrative city for real estate in Georgia. The city is known for its vibrancy and international flair. The rebuilding of the General Motors Assembly Plant in 2017 significantly attracted more business into the city. This led to a rapid influx of population and increased average income, hence increasing the demand and prices in real estate. If your real estate venture targets the business class, then Chamblee is the right place for you.


Located in Forsyth County in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Cumming’s Water Park and Fairgrounds are so attractive to young families. It is also known to be the home for some of Georgia’s greatest schools, which has also contributed significantly to the high influx of high income families. The City’s median home sale price, which stood at $284,177 in 2015, shot up 8% to hit $307,725 in 2016.


This city is located in Fulton County, within North Central Georgia. It hosts world-class dining, top class concerts, and very extensive parks and outdoor recreation. In 2016, the median home sale price in Alpharetta rose to $384,475 from $366,250 the previous year.


Within the city of Atlanta itself, there are three outstanding real estate markets. They are Grant Park, Reynoldstown and West End. These areas are known for their beautiful neighborhoods, great school districts and scenic community parks. They are also home to vibrant shopping and entertainment districts.

All these cities have continued to show high growth prospects, and the real estate sector is expected to experience an even higher growth in the coming years.




Key Words: sleep with phone on, dangerous

The entry of the digital era, and more specifically the introduction of the smartphones, has come with very queer behavior among phone users. The multiple functionality of most smartphones means that one ends up having a lot of time with their phone. What is worrying however is that most people use their phones deep into the night until they end up sleeping with their phones right next to, or even under their bodies.

For some, they just chat until they’re snatched away by sleep, and the phone falls from the hand to his chest or somewhere next to him. Others however just choose to keep the phone next to them either because they use them as alarms to wake them up, or because they expect some calls at night, or for some other reasons. Whatever the reason one has for sleeping with the cellphone, it is important to note that it is a very dangerous practice-so dangerous that it has led to several deaths. Here are some of the fatal risks that sleeping with the cellphone comes with.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiations

One question that many people ask is whether this poses any dangers. Well, here comes the bad news: Yes it does, and not just some danger, but extreme danger! One risk factor that many seem care very little about is the fact that phones transmit electromagnetic radiation, which can be dangerous to human life. Excessive exposure to these radiations is said to cause tumors, though this is still a matter under serious research. The question however is: Who wants to hear of even the slightest possibilities of cancer? Obviously no one-cancer really kills!

Even in the short run, many people have complained of headaches whenever they sleep with their phones under the pillows. Still, another high number of phone users who have complained of sleeplessness. Both headaches and sleeplessness pose a serious health risk as they are quite often a sign that something has gone, or is just about to go wrong within the central nervous system-and that marks the beginning of serious-sometimes fatal health problems.

Phone Battery Explosion

The worst of the dangers of sleeping with the mobile phone however, is the risk of phone battery explosion. Many cases have been reported of people who went to sleep but never to wake up-not because someone attacked them or they had been sick- but just because of cuddling the small gadget, or maybe keeping it under the pillow. This happens because the phone battery can heat to explosion if it is covered like under the pillow or under one’s body for a long time. Replacing a phone battery with an incompatible one is one of the major causes of excessive heating. However, this is not to say that those whose phones have the right battery are safe: All phones heat whenever they are covered under some thick materials.



Electric shock/Electrocution

Some people go as far as sleeping with the phone while it is connected to a wall socket, or charging from a power bank. This is even more dangerous as it puts you under a serious risk of being electrocuted. The involuntary turning and tossing that happens during sleep is bound to end up unplugging the phone charger from the phone’s charging port, and if it then gains contact with your body, the outcome is almost obvious. Worse still, the power bank itself might explode due to excess heating, and lead to unimaginable damage. In fact, quite a number of people have been killed by such explosions.

Emotional Shock

Who doesn’t fear shock? One severe risk that many phone users that sleep with their phones under the pillow seem to ignore is that of shock. Shock happens whenever something happens so unexpectedly and so abruptly that the human body, especially the central nervous system, does not get enough time to package the correct response for the stimulus. This leads to incoherent excretion of hormones, thus leading to extreme hormonal imbalance that utterly destabilizes the system.

Now imagine you’re there in the dreamland enjoying your sleep to the fullest, only to be struck by violent vibrations from under the pillow, or by a shrieking sound of your perhaps very loud ringtone. This can lead to confusion that at the least leaves you screaming stupidly, but at the worst, can silence you forever!

What comes out very clearly is that however important or entertaining it may be to sleep with your phone next to you, the dangers far much outweigh the benefits. No one wants to lose his life just because of a group chat or a very serious call at night: Nothing in life ever gets to be more important than life itself. Just switch of the phone, or keep it in flight mode and put it away on some stand some good distance away from your bed, so you can enjoy your sweet and safe sleep till morning.



Whether it is a direct shift or in form of gospel-secular collaboration, secularism is quickly capturing the hearts of today’s gospel artistes. Whether it is in the USA, or other western nations, this trend seems to spread faster than bushfire. The biggest problem however is in Africa where artistes have well learnt to be worshippers in the day and gangster rappers in the night. These days it’s no strange thing to find a renowned gospel artiste release an outwardly secular album. Many however, prefer to hang between the two zones by introducing secular characteristics to a song whose wordings are otherwise worship, thereby leaving their fans wallowing in confusion. The question is: Where is the problem?

The Half sheep-half goat syndrome

It is now common to listen to a touching worship song in the morning, only to be baffled when later in the day you read about the singer having been convicted of rape or other offences. For some time until the early 2000s, singer R. Kelly was more easily identified by praise and worship songs like “You saved me”, and some gospel-leaning motivational songs like “Rise up”. However, something quickly changed and R. Kelly totally lost it when he began doing dirty collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg: There was obviously nothing gospel they were ever going to do with that Snoop. Today the story is totally different story where the artiste is accused of many of evils, including that he severally slept with underage girls……..and the story goes on and on. The question is; “Was he really genuine in his days as a worshipper?” Many believe that was just a means to life-never what he believed in!

What money can do

With the majority of the world’s population of more than seven billion people being the youth, and with a majority of these youth being deeply in love with secular music as compared to worship, it only makes sense that any money-minded artiste would run from the latter to the former. The crossover therefore, can be attributed to the fact that most money-wielding youth are easier found in the pubs and clubs than in church conventions. As such, an artiste has to tailor his work to befit the club environment rather than the church hall. Kenyan gospel artiste Willy Paul for example seems to have lived with the dilemma of whether to go pure and fetch little, or put a little world into it and win souls-or better put-win pockets. Over time however, he chose to go the latter and many, including his staunch fans have picked up the dilemma of whether their loyalty is justified despite the shift. His latest song “Jiggi jiggi” has attracted sharp rebuke from fans and haters alike, with many declaring the song secular.

The allure from without

Apart from the artistes running out to acquire some fan base from the club zones, the social unease within the confines of the worship tent has driven their would-be fans to seek tickling versions of worship from wherever they can catch it. Many gospel artistes have therefore opted to beautify their songs with a little, and sometimes much of what fans would want to go seek for from outside. This is the basis for all that rap and rock that almost defines today’s gospel music. One may argue that this does not amount to a shift from gospel to secular. However, to the extent that rap comes with its own beats, tempo, costumes and even dance-so that only the words point to gospel-everything thus leans more towards secular than gospel. The only difference is that in this case, it is the fans who shift first-from loving what is characteristic of gospel, to yearning for the modern pomp that the secular world is willing to donate to the gospel diehards.  Nicki Minaj for example, has mastered the art of keeping her gospel fans entertained by always throwing in something secular. She is so smart at playing both sides that she has remained a resilient contestant at the top in both secular and gospel music. On one hand she’s topping the Billboards Hot 200 with her new album, Queen; and on the gospel front on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart, along with the likes of Charlie Wilson, T.I., Timbaland and Snoop Dogg. In fact no one would have even imagined a few years ago seeing those names on that chart. But gospel has been undergoing a real and not-insignificant evolution that is playing out as an electrifying and reciprocal stylistic dialogue between different genres of predominantly black music.


They too have a life to live

Failing to attract, or at least maintain the loyalty of the fans, coupled with the unwillingness of the churchly fans to splash cash has left some of the gospel artistes struggling to eke out a living. Many artistes have either shifted to secular music or opted to do both secular and gospel so as to put food on the table and also keep their music careers alive. While religious leaders and church members argue that gospel music complements preaching, artistes say their talent is not appreciated by the church hence the need to venture into secular music where there are returns. They end up envying their secular counterparts who seem to ride smooth owing to the availability of fans who will easily splash some cash, and several concerts and other performance platforms that are well rewarding. Mani Martin, a Rwandan musician who recently abandoned gospel for secular, said developing talent in gospel music was challenging. He recounted how his fortunes turned around almost overnight when he switched to secular music, saying he now pulls large crowds that he never managed as a gospel artiste.


What comes out very clearly is that secular music has managed to beat her gospel counterpart in in the latter’s own game. Whereas one of the goals of gospel music is to “spread the good news”, and thereby win souls, the reverse seems to prevail: Not only have gospel artistes shifted to secular music, but even what remains as gospel music has been largely secularized. Who knows? Maybe it’s just what modernization had to offer the church and gospel music!



Fare thee well

I do remember

Every Moment of splendor

With zeal I gather

All we did together


Treading paths of uncertainty

We walked together in unity

Never losing our vitality

But retaining our dignity


From deep within my heart

I know it does hurt

That time has come to thwart

Our efforts not to part


As I wish, so do I pray

That destiny may have its way

For us to meet some day

But for now, Goodbye is my say

Good news!

Its been more than a year since I made my last post and I feel sick just thinking about that.Am now back, hopefully I’d be more consistent.

The good news is that am not alone or lonely anymore… I went into hibernation as I was settling into marriage last year. I have been so busy becoming a wife, but I have not stopped being a writer though. Am looking forward to sharing more experiences….

With the last drop of my blood

So dark and dull was it that day

All I felt was pain and pain

“Not a single word should you say,

Or I’ll make you pay with pain”


Friends and foes to me were same

From that day that changed the game

And left a wound of guilt and blame

No pride of self but only shame


I winced in pain and bit my lips

And sighed with defeat as I let go

So ruthless with my tits and hips

For all he wanted was to finish and go


I woke up in a mess of blood

My head throbbing and my vision blurred

With my blood I noted down on a writing pad

“I will hate men with the last drop of my blood”

Forgive me mum,

Dear mum,


I hope this letter finds you in good shape. It is long since we last had a heart to heart talk, and I really miss your voice. Not your normal voice, but that special one that comes from within. The one that no other mum can emulate. The one that only you and I understand.

I have a lot to share with you. I feel too shy to face you with these, so please take time and read between the lines. It may make you hate me, but please remember I really love you. Remember you are the greatest mum in the world. I have made mistakes in life that I live regretting. If only I could change the hands of time, I would become a better daughter. You deserve better.

First, I’d like to thank you for loving me. You loved even when I was still in your womb. Despite the hurdles you had to overcome for my sake, you still kept me safe. You bore pain, shame, humiliation and agony because of me. You were young, beautiful and respected, but with me, went away your pride and dignity. Still, you were always there for me. Through thick and thin, you saw me grow.


the greatest mum in the world

You nurtured and taught me the ways of the Lord. You made me the woman I am today. I am forever grateful for your love mum.

Please forgive me for my insensitivity. I never appreciated your efforts. I always thought that you weren’t good enough. Because you could not afford to buy me expensive toys, new clothes and good books. I forgot to see that I had a roof over me and food on the table.

Please forgive me for lying against you. I even lied that you were sick or that you lost your job to gain pity from my friends and fetch money from them. I have never forgiven myself for being so mean and insensitive.

I don’t have the right number of words to say just how sorry I am. I have shed all the tears I have till my eyes are puffy and swollen. I have sneezed and now my nose is itching. I know how shameful it is admit this, but it is the only way to set myself free.

You tried your best to bring me up in the right way, that I may not make the same mistakes you made. In my arrogance and disobedience, I messed myself and my future. I have done abominable things before men and before God. I have disgraced you among women. I have lost my dignity and stature. I feel so empty and useless. I feel there is no more hope left. I am slowly but surely wasting away.

I need your blessings. I still need you to guide me even in my adult life. I now see how tough it is in the outside world. I thought you were just being lazy and having debts. I now know what it means to really be a grown up. I may not fully know all you’ve gone through this far, but whatever it is, I know it must have been painful. And I know you endured all this because of me.

I can not erase the past, but we can influence the future together. Lets just put God first, then all the rest will follow. Please be strong. Have another reason to live. Please forgive me. I am determined to make it all right before it is too late, just give me another chance. I love you so much mum.

Yours faithfully

Prodigal daughter
























Private thoughts

What comes to your mind at the mention of the word “Privacy “?. It makes me think of all the intimate things between me, myself and I. It makes me think of my diary and my mobile phone while those with fat pockets think of their private jets and private homes. I have never had a bedroom for myself, except for some semesters in campus when I was fortunate enough not to have a roommate. So I honestly cant tell whether its lonely or not to have a private life.

I love my private moments with God, and those private meditations time and again.

The most private thing in a man is the heart, the soul, the mind….. call it what you want. Have you ever thought of how it would feel if everyone could read every other person’s mind and know their true feelings? Those that they are too shy or too afraid or too cautious or maybe too proud to speak…

Would it be scary, interesting, boring, distracting or just normal? I think it would be the most HORRIBLE thing ever!

I wouldn’t appreciate to know that my best friend is lying to me, or to know how much someone hates or likes me, or maybe to know who plans what, when, why, and how.

I really would not appreciate that, maybe because I personally treasure my privacy, or because I fear to discover how people truly feel towards me.

America’s newborn


America has made her decision.

She has sent the radical donald trump to the white house.

Russia celebrates, Mexico weeps, and Kenya wails.

But nothing can be done now.

Hillary Clinton is great, but she has lost.

Whether it’s because of her policies, or because of her leadership skills, or because she is a woman, only Americans can tell.

Maybe its because Trump simply moved the crowd more than she did, which you know isn’t true.


A lot may happen, economy may shake, bonds may break, but still, America has made her choice. She must prove her point now.

The truth is, America has to harder to stay on top. I only pray for peace. Maybe things might be much better. Lets not judge

Miracles do happen, not only in Kenya, but also in American politics.img-20161109-wa0009


Campus culture

It hurts so much to lose all you’ve worked for in a twinkle of an eye. When your dream comes crushing down and the mansions you’ve spent years building in your mind come down before materializing.

Some of the loopholes that campus students leave in their lives include:

  • Choosing the wrong friends who lead you the wrong direction
  • Misusing the freedom of not being monitored to miss lectures and exams
  • Lying to your parents/sponsors and hence coning them of money
  • Engaging in relationship conflicts which may lead to crimes of passion
  • Leading a free-style life with no respect for self and for others
  • Being involved in criminal activities to get money
  • Living beyond your limits
  • Abusing drugs
  • Using harmful cosmetics and other health endangering products
  • Joining cults and other bodies that promote evil practices
  • Following the crowd and not sticking to your principles
  • Engaging in careless sexual escapades because of peer pressure, to earn STD s (Sexually Transmitted Degrees), and for money
  • Arbortions
  • Engaging in strikes and demonstrations irresponsibly


University students carrying an injured student during a strike

Campus culture in the current generation is full of moral decay and unimaginable filth. The creme de la creme of the society has become so useless and worthless that unless someone goes an extra mile to factor in God in his/her studies, education becomes meaningless.Students graduate with:

  • HIV/AIDS and other deadly STIs
  • Unplanned/Unwanted Pregnancies
  • gynecological problems and barrenness due to abortions
  • Skin problems due to cosmetics
  • Some go to campus walking and come back home in coffin