From grace to grass

I never knew it hurts, for I never wore those shoes

Every time I came best, I could smile and walk away

I never cared to know, How the last person ever felt

All I cared about, were the presents and praises


This time it was doom, with gloom and feeling blue

I hid the form without looking, just looking to see no one’s looking

I walked away with my head down, My steps landing with a weight so strange and grave

If only I had smiled at them before, they could have cared to know how I feel



Bread crumbs

They said,

That pain and pleasure never meet,

Because they never lived in the ghettoh

Where pain and pleasure are twins

Where your moments of joy dictate your extent of poverty


The morning dew washed my face

For water’s less and time so scarce

My stomach groans and back aches

Lazy bones they say it is

But hunger and pain I know it really is


Slow but sure I squeeze my way

Not minding the scratches and cuts I earn

From the rusty Iron sheets of our neighbour’s door

The boy next door is my friend of age

But today he’s nowhere to be seen


His brother came the other night

With a massive loaf for them to feast

And new clothes so rare to find

So today’s no day for friends

Who’ve got nothing new to show


I hide behind the plastic barrel

Not to spoil the golden chance

Or earn a slap like I did last night

Then kneel down to lick the spilt juice

And collect the fallen crumbs of bread






My mother’s hopes

A mother’s hopes for her daughter begins in her womb. She keeps hoping that the baby is a girl, mostly if her elder siblings are all boys. She starts imagining how she would pamper her and train her. She goes for the best baby clothes, gives her the best baby food, keeps her from harm and delights to see her play with other young baby girls.

A mother holds her daughter’s hands and takes her to school. She hopes to give her the best kind of education that she can afford. She wants her to grow into a mature woman. She keeps an eye on her to ensure that no evil men kill her dreams. She nurtures her and teaches her how to become female, not just a girl. and tells her what the society expects of her.

A mother feels great when her daughter steps into puberty. She feels even greater to see her live a normal life like other ladies. A wise mother doesn’t advise her daughter to look for men. She teaches her how to handle them and keep her distance.

It’s the joy of every mother to see her daughter graduate with excellent grades and get a good job. To see her help her family raise her siblings. And finally, it’s the joy of every mother to see her daughter cross the bridge in a holy matrimony. And at that point, she keeps hoping to hold her grandchild soon enough.

That’s the joy of my mother too


I know what you don’t know

I don’t know what you know, but I know that i know what you dont know.

I know what ive been through, even those that you’ve never imagined

I know what I hate about you, what I like about you,and what I’d like you to be

I know what I want out of life, not what you think I want

I know why you don’t know what I know, though you think you know

I know it’s because I’ve never made it known to you